Young Horizons

Welcome from Executive Director

Young Horizons Sarah SorianoWe will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary beginning next fiscal year. We look forward to this milestone event and are honored to continue the legacy of our founder, Dr. Gerhard Kohn. We welcome the newest members to our board of directors and look forward to utilizing their talents as we focus, with great anticipation, toward the next 50 years of serving children and their families.

Young Horizons’ primary purpose and activity is ensuring that low-income children develop the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to keep up and compete with their peers in kindergarten and beyond.

However, decades of experience have taught us that providing care and education is not enough.

We must also ensure that children receive appropriate nutrition because hungry children cannot develop and learn.

Children need access to books in the home so that reading becomes a pleasure and a habit, rather than a struggle.

Parents need to understand the stages of child development and parenting techniques so that they can provide stable and nurturing home environments that do not hinder their children’s ability to learn and form trusting relationships.

Teachers must know how to create supportive relationships with parents so that parents can turn to them for advice or referrals to community resources.

Young Horizons intentionally addresses these diverse needs of low-income children and their families to give these vulnerable children the greatest chance of succeeding in school and in life.

Sarah M. Soriano
Executive Director